Estate Planning

Baratta, Russell and Baratta offers deep knowledge and experience in estate planning, trusts, estate administration and commercial law.

Estate Planning is a means to protect your family and its assets now and in the future. Estate Planning involves a number of different elements, including asset protection, asset maximization from an investment standpoint as well as ensuring an efficient transfer of assets from one generation to another. Estate planning is fundamental to those who recognize that appropriate planning can support a family through the generations.

Everyone’s goals are different and are particular to their family and financial circumstances. It is our goal to ensure that a client’s estate plan transfers their assets where they are intended while maximizing wealth transferred and minimizing transfer taxes and other expenses. Critical to a plan is the control and protection of assets for minor children, disabled beneficiaries, or inexperienced persons.

Estate planning also involves planning for potential disability and incapacity, which can leave an individual exposed to the Court’s appointment of someone else to control the assets or medical needs of an individual. Proper planning allows a person to identify the best individual who can assist in the event of disability and also to provide parameters and instructions to that individual.

Baratta Russell and Baratta typically recommends the preparation of three documents for every person regardless of circumstances: a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Financial Power of Attorney and an Advance Directive for Healthcare. A client’s family situation or financial picture may make it advantageous to consider additional documents as well, such as trusts or business entities.

The estate planning attorneys at Baratta Russell and Baratta are experienced in using advanced planning techniques to minimize taxes while transferring assets to family and future generations. Our primary goal is to understand what you want, and then to tailor a plan to make that happen as efficiently as possible.