Elder Law & Long Term Care Planning

Elder Law is a term that refers to legal services provided to the elderly. Two of the primary issues involved in elder law involve (a) planning for disability and guardianships, and (b) estate planning, including long term care planning. All of these issues are discussed on this site, and are of particular importance to the senior community.

A person can plan for the possibility that he or she will become disabled by using a power of attorney and living will to provide for future decision making. If there is concern for protecting and managing assets, trusts can be established for that purpose. In the event of a failure to plan or an unexpected contingency, a guardianship may be appropriate to ensure that an elderly person is properly cared for.

With regard to long term care planning, it is important to consider how nursing care will be paid for in the event it is needed. This may involve privately paying, long term care insurance or Medicaid planning, or some combination of the three.

Medicaid Planning

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