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The estate planning attorneys at Baratta, Russell & Baratta can offer profound information and management of all planned state aspects including trusts, estate admin, business & personal law, and more to individuals in Wynnewood, PA and surrounding areas.

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Estate Planning Services in Wynnewood, PA

Estate planning services are an effective method of protecting your life’s work through proper delegation of your assets. Working with highly-rated, trusted, and knowledgeable estate planning attorneys at Baratta, Russell & Baratta can assist in establishing a comprehensive estate planning solution so that all of your assets are properly handled upon your time of death. 

The estate planning lawyers that you will work with at our firm will expertly strategize a tailored estate plan that will meet your needs and offer peace-of-mind. Every nuance of your estate plan will be handled by our committed attorneys, allowing you to live your life worry-free up to your day of passing.

Wynnewood, PA Estate Planning Lawyers

At the law firm of Baratta, Russell & Barrata, our Wynnewood estate planning lawyers can assist with a wide variety of will and trust services. We have extensive experience in all aspects of estate law and offer our solutions to clients in Wynnewood and surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

In addition to our estate planning services outlined above, learn more about the following services below:

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Preparing for this state of life might not be at the top of many individual’s list, but it should be. With the help from our estate planning legal team, we can help you navigate through every step of setting up and executing on an estate plan that would help fulfill your wants at the time of death. Homes in Wynnewood, PA on average (according to Realtor.com) sell for $725,000 which is a substantial asset that should be left up to your decision. We can help you feel comfortable when your time comes with how your legacy will be continued after you are gone. 

For individuals without a legal planned estate when they pass away, assets can fall into Intestacy laws, which transfers power to the state. These laws allow the state to act as an administrator, indicating which parties are eligible for inheritance from a deceased individual. These laws can end up leading to unexpected or unwanted distribution of assets you might have wanted to leave to family.

To properly prepare for estate planning, Baratta Russell & Baratta recommends the completion of three primary documents to get started: a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Financial Power of Attorney and an Advance Directive for Healthcare.

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Ken Russell speaking at an Estate Planning Conference in Wynnewood, PA

Estate Planning Downloadable Resources

To help you best prepare for estate planning in Wynnewood, PA, we have included downloadable materials that focus on a handful of sub-categories:

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