Catastrophic Injury Cases

While they may be painful and unpleasant, back pain, broken bones and headaches are usually not catastrophic. However, incidents that result in an inability to function, including the permanent loss of a body part or losing use of a body part, are catastrophic because they change people’s lives forever.

A baby born with a brain injury suffered because of a negligent technique used during delivery. A school teacher who can’t concentrate and has constant headaches due to a brain injury. A truck driver who loses his or her eyesight as a result of a dangerous medication. The spinal cord injury suffered by a construction worker hit by a drunk driver. A waitress who falls and suffers a fractured skull and cheekbone resulting in a brain injury and loss of cognitive function. The young man who loses his legs as the result of a motor vehicle accident. These are events that not only cause serious injuries to the victims, but also change the lives of the victims’ families and loved ones. Careers and relationships are abruptly altered and many hopes and dreams destroyed. Some are paralyzed, some lose their ability to process and retain information. Many suffer depression and psychological injuries as well. They lose hope and need support.

Our job as lawyers for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries is to work toward obtaining reasonable compensation to pay for their medical care, loss of earnings, necessary caregivers, retraining to return to the workplace, and to otherwise obtain just compensation to help them financially so that they may restore meaning and dignity to their lives. We well understand that whatever recovery we obtain for these victims must last them long after the jury leaves the courthouse and returns to their daily lives.

Baratta, Russell and Baratta specializes in handling complex catastrophic injury cases. These cases require the expenditure of substantial time, money and expertise.

Two of the biggest questions we face include:

Why do I need Baratta Russell and Baratta to help me?

The defendant that causes this catastrophic injury will most typically be insured and that insurance company has deep pockets to help defend itself. It will hire many experts and lawyers who will spend a substantial amount of time and money to undermine your claim. You need lawyers who will be able to do exactly what the insurance company will do, but better. That means you will need lawyers who are able to perform the best and fastest investigation, hire the most qualified experts and fight vigorously in discovery to get the information the defendant and its insurance company doesn’t want you to have.

Will I have to pay money to fund the investigation or prosecution of my claim?

Absolutely not. Baratta, Russell and Baratta will entirely fund the investigation and prosecution of the claim. If we are not successful in recovering money for you, you do not have to re-pay those expenses incurred. Only if we are successful in recovering money from the defendant will you be asked to reimburse our expenses incurred and pay us a fee as a percentage of the money recovered.