How We’re Different

The attorneys of Baratta Russell and Baratta are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors — we recognize the difficulties people face in this life.

If we are handling a serious personal injury case that has immediate estate planning needs we are able to quickly address those needs. We are also able  to assist families with estate administration issues when injury cases have come to a conclusion.

We know life can be cruel and unfair and yet glorious and forgiving. We are aggressive trial lawyers fighting to right the wrongs done to our clients. We are trusted advisors who help our clients keep what they have worked so hard to earn.

We are highly experienced and skilled attorneys who work with our clients to understand their individual situations, develop a plan of action and then commit to a course of action to achieve their goals. We first move to understand a client’s goals, internalize the client’s situation as though it were our own, and then move whatever mountains need to be moved to achieve those goals.

Referrals from previous clients who can attest to their experience working with us, as well as other professionals who recognize the quality of our representation — are the lifeblood of our firm.

For litigation cases, we receive significant amounts of referrals from attorneys (including previous opponents) who are able to recognize the skills, resources and care that we bring to bear in representing individual litigants. For estate planning or business matters, our largest source of clients is referred by financial advisors who appreciate the complexity of our work, along with the client-friendly explanations that our firm provides. It is our client focus and skilled representation that has allowed us to grow our firm.