Who We Are

Tony Baratta & Ken Russell first met each other at Temple Law School.  They quickly became friends and were the winners of the Temple Law Moot court competition. ( add picture) Directly out of Temple Law , Tony and Ken went their separate legal ways. Tony, always knowing he wanted to be a courtroom trial attorney , worked for Supreme Court Justice McDermott and then the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office  where he was in the  courtroom every day. Ken moved to Washington DC where he worked for Baker & McKenzie, the largest law firm in the world.

In 1997 they fulfilled their law school promise to open up their own practice one day after obtaining experience.

Andy Baratta, Tony’s youngest brother, followed in Tony’s footsteps. After attending University of Pennsylvania, Andy also went to Temple Law School and then obtained his courtroom experience while working at the Delaware County District Attorney’s office.  Andy joined up with Tony and Ken in 2002.

Baratta, Russell & Baratta today:

Tony Baratta is a seasoned, accomplished trial attorney who takes on the most difficult of cases involving, car accidents, pedestrians getting hit by a car or truck, brain injury cases, employees getting injured or killed on the job, serious medical malpractice and the list goes on and on.

Ken Russell heads up the firms Estate planning and Administration department. Ken specializes in working with his clients to make sure that as much of their wealth passes down as possible. Ken also represents local businesses, both  large and small with their legal issues.
Andy Baratta is a trial attorney who has become nationally recognized as a leading advocate for medical providers who find themselves victimized by insurance companies determined not to pay for their services. Over the past 15 years, Andy has aggressively fought and beaten the insurance companies, and exposed these illicit schemes on behalf of scores of doctors, their employees, and their families.