Our Approach

From the moment you call us because you have suffered a personal injury, we are preparing to win.

We gather all the information you have. We accumulate all the evidence to support your contentions. We find and finance the opinions of experts who can give an opinion that supports your contentions. In many instances, once fully armed, we give the responsible party’s insurance company a chance to avoid war (a lawsuit).

But here is the point that makes Baratta Russell and Baratta different: In this day and age, insurance companies are stingy. They know it is expensive for us to file and win lawsuits. They know that big business has successfully polluted our jury pool with misinformation and lies. (For example, ask us about how big business unjustly used the McDonald’s coffee case to promote the need for tort reform). Juries find for defendants in the greater percentage of cases now. As a result, most lawyers fear juries. And those lawyers settle for less than what their clients cases are worth as a result. We don’t.

Once we put a case in suit, we are preparing to try that case before a jury. We don’t perform discovery with the intent only to learn information. We perform discovery with the intent to find evidence that explains why the defendant violated the rules. We perform discovery with the intent to show that not only have you been harmed, but others may be as well if the defendant is not held accountable.

You are our teammate all along the way. You see everything that we are doing. We copy you on all correspondence. All of your telephone calls are returned promptly. Your e-mails are answered. Your questions and concerns are addressed.

Our support and work for you goes well beyond the courtroom. There are many concerns you will have while undergoing treatment with your doctors to get better and resume life as you knew it. We help ensure your medical bills are properly paid. We work to ensure that you get the proper medical care. If your medical insurance company or some governmental entity must be reimbursed the money paid to medically treat your injuries, we ensure that they reduce those liens fairly given the particular factors in each case. If you are receiving government benefits and a receipt of an award would endanger continuation of those benefits, we take the steps necessary to ensure that will not happen.

Your job along the way? To get better. To follow doctors’ recommendations. To communicate with us. To never exaggerate your injuries to us or your doctors.

Together, handling your case in this way, we can be successful.