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Small Business Resources during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted By: Tony Baratta | March 24th, 2020

Pennsylvania small business owners and their employees are particularly suffering right now.  Although Governor Wolf has ordered most businesses to close physical locations, as well as issuing “Stay at Home Orders” for Philadelphia and its surrounding counties, no provision has [ Read More ]

2019 – Year in Review

Posted By: Tony Baratta | March 12th, 2020

Baratta, Russell & Baratta, (“BRB”) would like to thank our clients, friends and family for the many referrals made to us over the past 22 years.  We are continually and eternally grateful for the trust you show us by doing [ Read More ]

Discharge of Student Debt in Bankruptcy Door Opens

Posted By: Tony Baratta | February 21st, 2020

My firm does not handle bankruptcy cases.  But, a recent decision made in the Southern District of New York may have long term and huge ramifications that may affect the 45 million borrowers of $1.5 trillion in student loans. It [ Read More ]

Children are NOT Miniature Adults When It Comes to Brain Injury

Posted By: Tony Baratta | February 13th, 2020

Children are Not Miniature Adults when it comes to Brain Injury[1] Children between ages 9 and 14 make up the largest group of football players in the country, larger in total numbers than high school, college and professional players.  Until [ Read More ]

What Really Causes a Dog to Bite

Posted By: Tony Baratta | January 23rd, 2020

I love my dog and I am sure that you do too.  There are over 300 million people in the United States and over 76 million dogs that live in 38% of U.S. households.  One of the consequences of owning [ Read More ]

What you Need to Know about the “Company Car” You Drive

Posted By: Tony Baratta | October 31st, 2019

Do you drive a company car for your work? Does your company carry Under-Insured Motorist insurance on this vehicle? I have discussed the importance of under-insured motorist coverage in the past.  This coverage protects you and your loved one if [ Read More ]

Getting Old(er) and Paying it Forward

Posted By: Tony Baratta | October 25th, 2019

I recently visited Atlanta, GA. and visited the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. This museum is dedicated to the achievements and ongoing challenges for the U.S. and the world civil rights movement. I learned about the Gini index.  [ Read More ]

The Importance of Preserving Evidence After an Accident

Posted By: Tony Baratta | October 18th, 2019

Immediate preservation of evidence following a car or truck wreck is critical. Evidence to explain why a wreck occurred can be lost if not preserved and retrieved immediately.  It is vital when a person is seriously injured to immediately preserve [ Read More ]

What Are Wrongful Death Damages ?

Posted By: Tony Baratta | September 26th, 2019

When a family member is killed as the result of the careless act of another, whether it be in a motor vehicle, due to a medical mistake, the result of a product defect or the result of an unsafe premises, [ Read More ]

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