What We Do

We are committed to the craft of lawyering.

We handle serious personal injury cases.  We establish estate planning documents. We administer estates. We represent businesses. We represent those wrongfully accused of health care fraud.

Our firm is in existence to achieve legal results for our clients and solve legal problems for our clients. Anyone can provide legal services. We provide legal solutions. We are a results-oriented firm. That makes our client’s best interest paramount in the services we deliver.

When we litigate, we develop each case individually for presentation before a jury, not to settle. We know juries, we have spoken to them for more than twenty years, and they have responded positively for our clients. We prepare not only to deliver the results that clients expect, we prepare for the unexpected, and adjust to new complications and situations as they arise. When we counsel, our clients know that we can see the threat directly in front of them, as well as anticipate the threat yet unseen.

This is what do we do. We solve clients’ legal problems in whatever shape or form they take. And we put our clients in a position that protects them from the unforeseen.